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Pooling Regional Office
1800 Sutter St., Suite 780
Concord, CA 94520
Office: 866-neu-pool  (866-638-7665)
FAX: 925-363-7685 
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State Or NPA
Senior Pooling Administrator or Pooling Administrator
Pooling Administration Service Center
Regional Director PASC
Office 925-363-8753
Fax 925-363-7688
Pooling Administration Manager
Office 925-363-8730
Fax 925-363-7697
Senior Pooling Specialist
Office 925-363-8742
Fax 925-363-7692
Office 866-638-7665
Fax 925-363-7685
Pooling Administrator
Office 925-363-7650
Fax 925-363-7681


Pooling Administrator
Office 925-363-8706
Fax 925-363-7684


Pooling Administrator
Office 925-363-8747
Fax 925-363-7689





Neustar Number Pool Organizational Directory
Senior Director
Office 717-232-5533
Senior Manager, Regulatory Compliance
Office 512-943-0930
External Relations
Regional Director, External Relations
Office 509-465-4194
Industry Interface Representative
Office 925-363-7654
Fax 925-363-7695
Data Quality and Pooling Implementation
Data Quality and Pooling Implementation Manager
Office 303-802-1305
Data Quality and Implementation Manager
National Routing Number Administrator (RNA)
The RNA is responsible for managing and assigning non-dialable p-ANIs.
Regional Director, p-ANI
Office 925-363-7649
Fax 925-363-7690
p-ANI Administrator
Office 925-363-8707
Fax 925-363-7667