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The PA sends the “Quarterly Pooling Tip” to the Pooling Administration System (PAS) users on such topics as Pooling processes and general customer education.

Quarterly Pooling Tip – April 2018

To Begin Pooling in an Excluded Rate Center

At any time a service provider (SP) can request that the PA open up an Excluded rate center to Optional pooling. To accomplish this the SP would need to email the Customer Support Desk at In their email the SP should request that the Excluded rate center in an NPA be opened up to Optional pooling.

Once the updates have been completed the SP may submit a forecast, disconnect, or new resource request in PAS. To view the report that contains a list of rate centers by NPA, which also includes the rate center’s pooling status, please go to the NPA/Rate Center Report. This report is located under the Report tab on the pooling homepage,

Below are the descriptions for the Rate Center Pooling Status Designations for Optional and Excluded.
  • Optional (O) - This rate center is not in the top 100 MSA and any service providers with numbering resources in this rate center may elect to pool at its option. Service providers may voluntarily participate in thousands-block number pooling in an Optional rate center outside the top 100 MSAs.
  •  Excluded (X) - This rate center is not in a top 100 MSA and no service provider is currently participating in pooling. This rate center is not included in the Pooling Administration System. To begin pooling in an excluded rate center, please contact the Customer Support Desk at 866-neu-pool (866-638-7665) or for assistance.

There are many benefits to begin pooling in an excluded rate center:
  • If you have more than a 6 month inventory of numbers in an excluded rate center those blocks may be disconnected/donated to the pool and would help prevent a new code from being opened in that rate center when another SP needs numbering resources in that previously excluded rate center.
  •  If a new code needs to be opened for replenishment and the entire full code is not needed, but just a block or two, when ordered via PAS the blocks that are not needed are automatically disconnected/donated to the pool. If the code was ordered through NANPA via NAS an extra step is needed to disconnect/donate unneeded blocks to the pool.
  •  Along with confirming that the resources are in-service if ordered via PAS then the confirmation of in-service (Part 4) would be completed in PAS rather than having to manually track that the confirmation of in-service (Part 4) is completed in NAS.

If you have any questions, please contact the Number Pooling Customer Support at 1-866-NEUPOOL or

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